How Long Does It Take to Install Solar Panels? – Insight Into Solar Panel Installation

how long does it take to install solar panels

The world improves daily, and various new methods of making life smoother are discovered. Electricity is an essential aspect of the lives of many people. Most people require electricity for various reasons during their day. It could be at home to power devices or at the office when working.

The world has advanced greatly in electricity, and individuals can now power buildings usingsolar energy. Solar power is an effective way to provide electricity to buildings. It is cheap to generate since it’s powered by the sun and installing solar panels in a building means you don’t have to worry about electricity bills or wasting energy.

How long does it take to install solar panels? Installing solar panels and obtaining the necessary electrical permits can take a couple of weeks. Once you’ve selected a suitable solar company, the solar installation process can begin.

How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels?

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation takes a bit of time to complete. Individuals are required to get the necessary approval for the installation process and other solar equipment before installation starts. Once the permit has been acquired, solar installers can begin laying the solar electrical panels.

It usually takes a little over a month (about 45 days) to complete the installation process. The actual installation of the panels doesn’t take much time. Getting the permit approved from the utility company for installation typically takes the most time.

There are several steps in solar installation, which can take time to go through. To know how long it takes for a solar company to install solar panels in a building, the duration of each step is important.

Here are the steps involved in solar installation.

Location Assessment

The first step involved in solar panel installation is assessing the site. When a contract is signed with a solar installation company, they will send a professional to assess where the panels are to be installed. This ensures that the selected spot can properly accommodate the solar panels.

The professional will also check the electrical panel of the building to ensure it can handle the energy that will be produced. Also, the surroundings will be assessed to ensure a clear view of the sun. This ensures that nothing obstructs the solar panels from receiving sunlight.

The location assessment typically doesn’t take much time and is usually completed within a week from when the visit is scheduled. During the site visit, it will be decided if the panels can be installed directly or if there is any need for adjustments or upgrades.

Design Stage

Right after the location for the solar panels has been assessed, the solar installation company will verify the design of the work and the various local code requirements to ensure everything is up to standard. This step is important as it determines whether the utility company will approve the installation permit.

The design is submitted to the utility company after it is properly reviewed to ensure that the permit can be approved quickly. If the city has to make corrections to the submitted design, the time needed to install the panels will increase. However, if there are no errors and the design is flawless, it will be approved more quickly. This stage doesn’t require much time.

Permit Application

A permit is needed before you can install solar panels in your building. When converting tosolar panels, it is crucial to obtain a permit from the city for the construction, or you will not be able to apply for solar billing from your utility company. The permit is processed by the city’s Building and Safety Department.

The approval process can be the longest step involved in solar panel installation. The permit required to install the panels varies by city. Most cities require individuals to have a Solar PV permit and an electrical permit before installation can begin. It usually takes between two weeks to a month to get a permit, sometimes even longer.

Actual Installation

Tradesman installing solar panels on roof

The installation of solar panels on a building doesn’t begin until the permit arrives. Once the city has granted the permit, the solar installation company can begin setting the solar panel system on the roof or selected location of the building. This step is very quick.

Installing the solar panels only takes about four to six hours. However, this varies based on the size and number of panels to be installed. Most solar panel installations require a maximum of a day. Both the laying of the panels and the wiring process don’t require much time except in the case of larger systems.

City Inspection and Approval

After the solar panels have been successfully installed on the building, there is still a need for an inspection and approval from the city before they can be connected to the utility grid. This step ensures that there are no errors in the installed panels and that all the city codes are adhered to. It is also to ensure safety.

Solar panels can be dangerous if they are not installed correctly. They can lead to fire and safety hazards. Hence, the city has to send a professional to assess the work done by the installation company. The installation company usually has a technician present during the inspection process if there are any questions. This step doesn’t take longer than a week.

Switch to Solar Billing

The last step involved in solar panel installation is switching to solar billing. Once the inspector has inspected the building, you must apply for solar billing with yourutility company. After the application is approved, you can enjoy solar electricity without worrying about excess charges on your utility bill.


Installing solar panels is a process with many steps. You need to assess the selected location, develop a suitable design, and apply for a construction permit from the city before starting the installation. After the installation, the work must be approved before switching to solar billing.

The actual process of installing the panels doesn’t take long. Solar panel installation time can vary depending on expertise and types of solar panels. Hopefully this guide gave you a better understanding of how long it takes to install solar panels!


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